tree lite

I forgot to mention that our tree is up! Last year I found a tiny little tree in a nursery that was about a foot high and covered it in weensy little decorations which suited our tiny little apartment down to the ground. Unfortunately I let it shrivel up and die outside in the water deprived courtyard. But this year I have decided to try again and we have a tree in a pot that’s about 4 foot high! Mum has offered to foster it during the year, and put it in a little cyprus copse along with her tree and grandma’s tree where they can all live happily and be regularly watered by Mum and Dad’s fancy watering system.

The tree is very Dr Suess – with waving, spindly branches reminiscent of the Grinch’s finger tips, or I can even imagine one of my childhood favourites Horton sitting on top attempting to hatch an egg. So I put it up in the front window and have covered it in miniature mirror balls and funny little ornaments from the Oxfam shop. A set of delicate lights are the finishing touch – Megan sent them to me last year in celebration of our wedding and they are perfect for the fine branches of the tree. It’s very christmasy around here despite the week of heat. 40°c is forecast for Saturday.