Valley of the

I have just been out shopping to look for a christmas present for Amelia J. We already got her the amazing Fisher Price Aquarium a couple of weekends ago, but I also wanted to get her a beautiful, “special” doll to mark her first Christmas on the planet. What I really wanted to find was a rag doll – something to cuddle and sleep with which will offer much comfort throughout her childhood and beyond… So I traipsed through all the usual places and there are very few dolls around at all – lots of weird pseudo antique collectibles in frothy dresses with strange expressions, “real” baby dolls that poo and wee and crawl (yet aren’t cuddly and don’t have that new baby smell so are hardly real at all), barbies and barbie clones, the new breed of strange groovy dolls with big heads, gangly legs and dreadlock-like colourful hair. There’s even a resurgence of gollys, but that beautiful rag doll that I had in my mind’s eye was entirely elusive. Which brings me to the exciting conclusion that I am going to have to make a doll! I have already had a stint at making some dolls a while back, but they are incredibly fragile and far from huggable. Inspired by the art of Yoshitomo Nara (thanks Van for the link) I need to break out the felt and get sewing… errr… how many days until Christmas?