While I was sleeping

In September, just before I stopped working to go on baby duty, I did some work for the ABC — illustrations for their new kids’ site www.rollercoaster.com.au (I didn’t have anything to do with the design – just the illustrations for the 7 characters). Yesterday I happened to be watching a little kids tv on the ABC in the evening and at 5 to 6 an ad for the website came on. And there were my characters all animated and winking and breathing and smiling… what a blast! I especially like what they did with this little gal:

Her pigtails were blowing in the breeze. Here are some of the other characters:

Other recent work includes a holiday illustration for the lovely Suzanne over at eat, drink and be married. I am back to working a couple of days a week again in the New Year, so if you need an illustration done let me know!

We had Big-P’s special burgers last week and I made a pitcher of delicious summer punch to go with them… I love the addition of a vanilla bean but I used a few drops of vanilla essence which is not exactly the same thing but worked out ok.

Me love Momo. Momo’s “about page” is the best I have read in a long time.