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I have been working slowly on this redesign and with a little help from the ever talented daniel it’s eventually going to be all done in css! WOW! I am a truly 21st century girl! However, due to some of my old and shonky code I have to find a bunch of time to sit down and go back through all my old entries and make sure they work properly. Seeing that bunches of time are very few and far between at the moment I have decided to pop up the design in html for now.
We planned to have a quiet weekend before the beginning of a few weeks of festive craziness but ended up running around in preparation. Our Christmas shopping trip to Chadstone was almost totally successful. I even managed to find a) a good car park and b) an air freighted copy of Martha Stewart “Kids” magazine for myself with its beautiful cover and J Otto illustrations. I love the design of Martha Stewart magazines so much that I could buy them all regardless of the content. I would even consider Martha Stewart “Guns and Hunting” if there were such a thing, as long it was done in her tasteful colours and clean lines. I am in the midst of a flurry of paper snowflakes – I’m going to paste them in our front window and maybe even use them to decorate parcels… and I discovered that there is a whole paper snowflake movement! Snowflakes in glassine envelopes are pretty cute.