Little Treats

dopey, sleepy, grumpy and bashful
The many and varied expressions of Amelia J

After Big-P got home from work Friday night we ventured out into the wide wild world and met up with the sushi gang to treat ourselves to a little of Hawthorn’s finest japanese food. This was our first grand excursion (besides visits to my parent’s house and a quick trundle around Chadstone Shopping Centre) since the arrival of Amelia J. and it was so good to get out and do something normal. And it was the first plate of sushi I have had in nigh on 10 months so that was an extra special treat! Mmm salmon, mmm tuna… mmm unidentifiable white fish…

Amelia is one month today! One month!? How time flies but then again how it seems to be one long day that stretches out before and behind me broken up by a little sleep in between four hourly feeds. I am catching up on some great night time television. I usually hope that she wakes for a 2.30 feed because then I might be lucky enough to see an old episode of the Avengers with Diana Rigg being all pouty, british and 60s. Otherwise I have to watch some scary religious programming on channel 10 or some old, crusty war movie on the ABC.

Breastfeeding has been a trial, a tribulation, a trauma even. I have almost finally got the hang of it and beaten off any scary infections with the help of my GP, a mothercraft nurse and a lactation consultant. If you ever have troubles breastfeeding I HIGHLY recommend seeing a lactation consultant. They know stuff. Yesterday morning I fed little Ames sitting up in bed which is a break-through for me as until now I have required a straight backed chair of perfect height, a pillow across my knee and several cloth nappies strewn around the place in case of spills. To be able to remain in bed for the 6am feed is a real treat. Almost as treaty as a plate of sushi. Unfortunately I tried it again at 3am this morning and she covered everything in vomit. Not so much fun at all.

Being a mum is hard. For the last week I have been cheerful – but for the three weeks before that I have not. It’s nice to see a bit of a turn around.