It's all a bit new and weird

8 things Amelia likes:Having one arm free from her bunny rug
Incey Wincey Spider
Sleeping during the day
the Amelie soundtrack
Big-P saying “beep-boo” and touching her on the nose
Lying in the bath
Wearing socks

8 things Amelia hates:
Having her nappy changed
Being dressed
Being undressed
Sleeping at 2am
Getting out of the bath
Being woken up for a feed when she’s sound asleep
Going back to sleep after being woken up for a feed

8 things I am not so keen on:
Changing the nappy on a screaming, squirming baby
Feeding (oh LORD it’s hard)
Waiting for the next feed
Lack of sleep
Worrying about things I never thought I would worry about
Wondering if we should let her sleep or wake her for a feed or what
Loads and loads of washing!
The idea that Big-P will eventually go back to work and I will have to manage all of this on my own

8 things I love:
Our little girl
The smell of little baby
Sleeping for 6 hours straight
The occasional smile (or is that wind?)
A blissed out happy child after lengthy feed
Peeking into her crib while she is sleeping and marveling
Feeling her little hand curl around my finger as she feeds
Rubbing my cheek against her crazy soft hair