Last baby photo, I promise, but I did say I was going to show you her great disco hair… 10.30 am today. Sleep is good.

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  1. skweerell@diaryland.com

    congratulations claire!She’s lovely. Ro baby slept great the first week but weeks 2 – 8 were very dismal. I hope you have a good sleeper on your hands. Looking forward to future illos with little boo.

  2. pcdebb@hotmail.com

    cute as a button! LOL and I didnt notice the “disco hair” until it was mentioned!

  3. fiziogal@hotmail.com

    What a head of hair – and a gorgeous little mouth.
    Don’t stop posting the baby photos… I could look at them all day. (Did someone say clucky??)

  4. desb@primus.com.au

    She appears destined to be a female rock musician. Congratulations!

  5. contralto@hot_mail.com

    she’s absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Congratulations and thank you for sharing her pics with us!

  6. merleb@mac.com

    she’s just beautiful! and clearly well behaved…

  7. ahallatt@mac.com

    Okay, I’m not fooled. Where’s the photo of her yelling her little lungs out?
    Congratulations and grab the sleep while you can.

  8. tony.moran@staffordshire.gov.uk

    Far more hair than me already – I’m jealous!

  9. grandefille_2000@yahoo.com

    I suggest arranging an apprenticeship with Chrissie Hynde posthaste.

    All the love in the world for you three (and especially little Thumbelina).

  10. ecorbett@netcommander.com

    she is an exceptionally cute baby. (And I am someone not generally moved by babies). The spiky baby chicken hair is precious.

  11. q@queso.com

    Congratulations! She is *beautiful* — as we say in the pediatric clinic, she’s got an exceedingly high QQ (cuteness quotient).
    Have a blast… this is the fun part!

  12. petithiboux@aol.com

    don’t stop posting baby pictures! we all want to adore amelia from afar. besides, loobylu is *your* life, and all these people love to read about it – baby pictures and all!and claire – she’s the most beautiful baby i’ve seen in a long time.

  13. sarahann@mail.com

    a cutiepie she is, disco hair and all! i have one request though, i’d like to see a pic with her eyes open…but i guess babies are cuter when they are sleeping 😉
    so good work, mummy dearest…you did good…one cute hip looking superstar in the making u got there!

  14. alie354@aol.com

    Oh my GAWD, she’s goregous! I hadn’t seen the first photo until today, and oh my. There aren’t words 🙂 Congrats!

  15. Dianne@rigdonia.com

    Oh my goodness, don’t make this the last baby picture! I love her disco hair – had a few of those myself hehehe! She is lovely. I can just smell her. 😉

  16. robin@in2art.com

    yes, how can we be vouyeristic without pictures? More, please.
    She is a doll. I am so happy for you.

  17. pezz@pezzgrrrl.com

    she is just adorable – her hair is the best! please don’t make this the last photo! i love baby photos.
    congrats again! i hope she’s letting you sleep.

  18. malika@notesandstories.com

    Amelia is beautiful – I love her hair, and I love her name, too. Please don’t stop posting pictures – she’s adorable… Congratulations to all three of you!

  19. powercoww@hotmail.com

    that is by far the most beautiful baby i have ever seen!! glad everything went well for you and your family.. she’s a very lucky little girl!

  20. minnie0302@hotmail.com

    Oh, please don’t stop posting pics of Amelia. She’s so adorable! 🙂

  21. sfg@peak.org

    Wow, what a head of hair! She *is* a cutie.
    Strange thing, I just found out a friend had a baby a couple of weeks ago and also named her little one Amelia!

  22. flummel@attbi.com

    Get some of that spikey hair gel and an electric guitar and she’ll be set! My daughter was bald until she was 5 months old so I’m quite envious!!

  23. queenmagda@lycos.com

    I love babies, I want four of my own (once I am old enough!). Anyway, do *NOT* stop posting pictures, she’s gorgeous. I think you should nickname her Spike because that’s what her hair looks like. She has longer hair than my brother, and he’s not a newborn. He’s 13. LOL. 🙂

  24. allison@genkistar.com

    Please, as others have said, don’t tell us this is the last baby photo you’ll post– we can’t get enough of little Amelia! She’s so precious.Please, post away! 🙂

  25. femmeinist@hotmail.com

    aww.. shes so adorable. just make a whole site dedicated to photos of her; shes too cute. 😀

  26. wistfulgirl@visi.com

    awww… what a sweetie with that rosebud mouth! keep the pictures coming so we can ooh and ahhh over her. :o) she’s adorable!

  27. dwood@opentv.com

    you’ve got yourselves a real live angel there!!!!
    appreciate, enjoy and love!

    thanks for sharing.

  28. r@nospamrowf.net

    I hope you can find the time for a baby illustration soon, but I guess sleep is more important!
    Samf was born with lots of hair. It never fell out like they said it would, but it did get a lot lighter.

    That’s a nice looking chest of drawers, btw.

  29. dawnfaerie@hotmail.com

    Adorable! Especially the disco hair! And you wouldn’t be so cruel as to stop with only two pics, would you?

  30. momo@momofreaksout.com

    ohhhhhhhhhhh, that is DEFINITE disco hair. Amelia is too luscious! We had the best meeting at work today, our designer brought in her 3 month old baby girl jasmine to sit in, and i just sat there playing with her teensy feet!

  31. becky@mybluehouse.com

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to you both 🙂

  32. seejanereed@earthlink.net

    This had better *not* be the last baby photo…maybe a section for those of us who need more… Amelia is a beautiful love, she’s even cuter than my baby! Shocking that I could say that, but it’s true.

  33. hmstone@aol.com

    Oh….she is so sweet. A virtual kiss for Amelia and congratulations to you both! Can’t wait for more pictures.

  34. kittenish@netzero.com

    She is adorable! She has a better hairstyle than I do.Keep the pics coming.

  35. am@speaky.org

    how cute! i was born with that much hair, all black, but it fell out after a few weeks, and then i grew back blonde hair! so don’t be alarmed if her hairstyle changes 🙂 congrats on the beautiful healthy little girl. can’t wait to hear more.

  36. six30@diaryland.com

    Aah…She’s the sweetest thing. And such great hair!

  37. brian@dtdesign.com

    Word gets around quick Claire, and congratulations are certainly in order.
    Go easy on the hair wax though, I think she’s a little young.

  38. elffle@yahoo.com

    Congratulations! Please don’t stop with the pictures!

  39. althyanospam@htomail.com

    Awww. Great picture. Amelia is lovely. 🙂

  40. tlsoc@bellsouth.net

    She’s so gorgeous, and more is always better when it comes to baby pictures, I think.

  41. smellebelle@yahoo.com

    Ooh Looby, she’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.
    Congrats Mum and Dad!

  42. enuwyteo@yahoo.com

    Hey that’s a really beautiful baby you have there! 🙂
    I just realised this, but I’ve been following 2 pregnancies in the last few months – yours, and that of a cmoic characters. Deanna from ‘for better or for worse’ (http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/forbetter/index.html) just had a daughter as well. funny huh?

    Take care and please please continue with the site and uploading pictures! I love your website. 🙂

  43. witold@zuper.com

    oh, beautiful!…I was gone, away from the computer for a week and see, a miracle happened here. Congratulations to all three of you. Oh, how wonderful.

  44. mia@retroseven.nu

    congratulations claire, she’s gorgeous :]
    you’ve made me all broody for one of my own! lol.

    You should be immensely proud :]

  45. dorks@metadrift.com

    She so cute. Congratulations on your little one. It is incredibly awesome to bring such a special gift to this world. You have a lot to look forward to and to learn by love. – Two dorks from the U.S.

  46. slegates@yahoo.com

    If you don’t post pics of your flamboyantly coiffed little person holding those amazing felt toys, I feel it will be necessary to travel to Oz to see it for myself. We’re very voyeuristic here in the states, you know, we have to look at everything! I send you peace for your first weeks with this new life.

  47. sonia@lakotapixel.com

    she’s so amazingly precious looking. i hope to see more pictures soon, maybe when she’s even awake!

  48. lil_mon9@hotmail.com

    *sigh* She’s lovely!!! How wonderful to have that little sleeping beauty around you all the time! =o)

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