A New Arrival!

For those who may be still wondering, Amelia Joan was born on Thursday October the 3rd at 7:55 am.

She and Mom are both doing very well and will be back home in a couple of days.

Thanks so much for all your warm wishes, Big P.

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  1. vibegrrl@hot995.com

    What a BEAUTFIFUL name!!! Nice choice, mom & dad!! Congrats again!!!

  2. emmers_071@msn.com

    Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! Her name is beautiful 🙂

  3. six30@diaryland.com

    Yay! Congratulations! Whishing you much happiness.

  4. fuzziwuzz@fissure.org

    Congrats on your new arrival!!!! 🙂

  5. tweepopernie@yahoo.com

    Hooray for you three! Amelia is a very pretty name.

  6. sarahann@mail.com

    congrats on the tiny bundle of joy! good luck with the little one for many years to come!

  7. amelia_aurora@hotmail.com

    Congratulations, guys!I hope things are great and not too stressful for you. Extra congratulations on choosing such an excellent name…and so very many nicknames for her(us!), too…You’ll be a great mum!

    Amelia (the 18 year old one..in Brisbane…)

  8. cableclair@hotmail.com

    WOOHOOO! Congratulations!!!!funny how one can be wondering if the baby already arrived with someone she doesn’t really know haha. This however makes my day! :).

  9. daisies_on_a_saturday@yahoo.com.sg

    congratulations from singapore! u guys have no idea who i am, but i’ve been reading loobylu for a pretty long time. =) yup,HOORAY!!! you’ve got a baby! hello little Amelia Joan! God Bless!

  10. jayda@postmaster.co.uk

    wow! Congratulations. I’ve been reading this blog even before Claire got married and now they have a baby girl!! Hope the two of them continue to do well.

  11. dhamdan@gmx.de

    This internet does funny things… i’m happy for you three – congratulations and best wishes.

  12. angelswirl@hotmail.com

    oh, congrats claire and big p! i’ve been reading this blog for about 2 years now and it has been so exciting to hear all about the pregnancy. i can’t wait to hear stories about amelia! what a gorgeous name!

  13. ste@wanderlost.org

    Congratulations! Amelia Joan is a beautiful name; hope everything goes well with the return home. Can’t wait to hear more about the dear child.

  14. irma@shades-of-me.com

    Aww! That is the most beautiful name ever! Congratulations on your beautiful new baby girl! A new little Loobylu to wow us all in the future 😉

  15. soul_echoes@yahoo.com

    Congratulations Claire and Big-P!! And a big welcome to little Amelia Joan! 🙂 So who does Amelia Joan resemble most.. her mommy or daddy? 🙂

  16. c_chappell@yahoo.com

    Yay Amelia! Welcome to the world! Big congrats to your mommy and daddy!

  17. tigsta22@hotmail.com

    congratulations!! i am so glad to hear that the baby and the momma are doing great! very strange since I don’t know you in person, but I feel like I do know you from your site. Congratulations again and I love the name. Amelia, that is beautiful 🙂

  18. tlsoc@bellsouth.net

    Congratulations to the Loobylu family, and welcome to the world, little one!

  19. tony.moran@staffordshire.gov.uk

    Congratulations!Life just gets so much better from here on…the other Loobylu in the UK sends her love too.

  20. jen@urban-gypsy.net

    I’m a daily reader who I’m sure has been going unnoticed among all these comments, but All the Best nonetheless!!
    I can only imagine what you went through to get to this point in your life, and my congratulations may be nothing, but God bless you three and bring you to happiness and success!

    And Amelia Joan was a perfect choice. Darling name! Ü

  21. ladelice@yahoo.com

    hurray for aj! and for loobylu and big-p. i can’t wait to see cute drawings of the new family. and of the new piles of laundry, and toys strewn about the house, and…

  22. annamartin@ivillage.com

    You chose a beautiful gorgeous name! Wishing your little on a lifetime of love and happiness!

  23. inspoetica@yahoo.com

    Congratulations! Best wishes for your family!

  24. Jenny@shinebright.net

    Amelia Joan! I’m so happy for you! Really, I nearly squeaked and dropped my guitar when I read Big P’s message. I look forward to seeing many a doodle of Amelia (I love her name – it’s so beautiful). You must keep this website – especially this entry – on a disk somewhere so that she can look in years to come and see how excited everyone was for her.

  25. sfg@peak.org

    Can’t wait to hear all about how the birth went. Been thinking of you all since Thursday. 🙂

  26. onethousands@hotmail.com

    What a happy event! I can’t wait to have my little boy!Congrats Claire and Big P!

  27. robyn@orbyn.com

    Fantastica! A new baby! With *real hair*! Big congratulations from the land of the Poms! Now get off the damn internet…

  28. wistfulgirl@visi.com

    *smiles widely*
    welcome to the world, little Amelia Joan, your parents’ little boo.

    i wish you three the very best. :o)

  29. kathy@waterlily.nu

    congrats! i have been following your blog for quite some time and happened to not read it when the little one came. but she’s her! and she’s a Libra like me! (my b-day was on the 5th). congrats to the proud mama and papa! 🙂

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