Knitting = food and gossip

oooh yeah - I'm getting ready to get down to business

I am very tired, almost too tired to write anything at all but I wanted to say that I just had a lovely day yesterday chatting to Ms Pea and Ms Gusset (Ms Bee and Ms Momo were sadly missed). We got together for a knitting afternoon but instead ended up eating heaps of food and sharing secrets and plans. Those girls sure know how to over cater. When I said “bring a plate” they brought several each, but I am not complaining – I am very happy that Kylie left me with the most incredible ginger bread cake ever and a bizarre yet delicious onion pie while I swapped some fruit salad with Pea who left me with some extremely tasty tomato and basil soup for my lunch today. I always go away from such meet ups inspired to make books and clothes and take photos and so on.

In other news, we bought a car on Saturday. After all that talk about Hyundai’s and spending time with the slowest car sales man ever for hours on end about deals and extras – we dove right in and bought a luxurious Toyota corolla… just like our old one only 22 years newer. Big-P and I are terrible negotiators – but even so we didn’t do too badly saving quite a hefty amount off the original price and getting a cd player thrown in for almost free. Hopefully we can pick it up sometime this week.