A week and a half of boring details

I’m still here and still pregnant.. I have been pottering around getting things tidied up, napping a bit, cooking a little and eating a lot. I have also been working on an illustration that I have been really enjoying. What’s more it’s for me and not a client so that’s an extra bonus. I have uploaded a detail of it to my folio web site’s front page so you can check it out

Just for the record, it’s time for a quick update–

Tuesday (yesterday): I spent the entire day working on my illustration. I like it and I haven’t felt this motivated in a long time and I even stopped watching tv in the evening to come out and do some more work on it. We ordered in pizza for dinner because I couldn’t stop drawing and Big-P was too tired after doing a large presentation to cook. Vegetarian and Originale. Very yum. Last night I was awake at 3.30am and watched a telemovie called “Seduction in a Small Town” which was only remotely better than the infomercials on other channels. Got back to sleep around 5.

Monday 9th: We caught the first part of Rachael’s birth on ‘Friends’. She doesn’t look pregnant… how did she retain those skinny chicken arms? Where’s the bad skin and the aching back? What about puffy ankles? Really – her boobs are no bigger than they every were. Pffft. I am very glad we don’t have to go into shared rooms for the first part of labour. I don’t think I could cope with listening to some other poor dear puffing and panting. It would send me right over the edge. I slept the whole night through. Utter bliss.

Sunday 8th: Sunday saw me and my mum go off to my baby shower which the lovely Small and the sensational Special-K organised for me. There was plenty of cake and quiche, chatting and present receiving. I got to waltz in to Small’s house and be the guest of honour and waltz out again (stagger home for a nap actually) while Small and Special-K and Small’s Grandma were left with a huge amount of washing up and no kitchen plumbing due to a recent plumbing disaster. The dishes all had to be ferried to the bathroom, washed and then brought back again to drain on the draining board.

Saturday 7th: Big-P and I went and test drove a brand new Hyundai Accent… they are on sale at the moment and we are seriously considering buying one. How incredibly indulgent – A brand new car! It seemed ok, a little on the cheap side when it came to the interior but it wasn’t too bad, and really – anything is going to seem like a luxury vehicle after bombing around in our old and not so trusty 1980 Corolla.

Friday 6th: Delicious dinner at a lebanese restaurant in Nth Balwyn. There was a shimmering belly dancer, extremely loud music, good mates and plenty of amazingly good baba ghannouj (thanks to Paul for the spelling and the short update idea). I was impressed at how quickly all the guys managed to grab the seats up against the wall and way out of the belly dancer’s line of wiggling fire when it was our table’s turn for some personal belly-dancing attention. This meant that poor Nicole was left stranded and had to look politely appreciative as the dancer focused her entire attention (hips, butt, belly) in Nicole’s face. I was impressed to see that Nicole remained calm with a beatific Mona Lisa smile throughout the ordeal. Also on Friday I had my good friend Van over for lunch. She brought amazing treats from the Mediterranean supermarket in Brunswick and stayed to appreciate my house in the sunshine. Slept alarmingly badly. Woke at 3.30am and watched Rage until dawn when I crawled back into bed and slept until 8.

Thursday 5th: I was meant to have Small, Tiny-Small and Small’s Grandma over for lunch but I was totally exhausted after very little sleep and called her up to cancel. Instead I made some gingerbread men (I managed to eat the entire batch in 3 days) and went around to my Mum’s place where I slept on the couch until I felt better.

Wednesday 4th: Wednesday night was our last Birth and Parenting class. Tonight’s theme was “going home with your baby”. The men had to fold nappies with much confusion and guffawing while all the pregnant women sat back and looked exhausted. During tea break, Some of the guys laughed at my stomach as they were impressed at how it entered the room long before I did. When men with pregnant partners laugh at my stomach, I know that my belly really must look impressively big. Speaking of such things, I had to duck out to Target today to buy some new maternity clothes. With only a few weeks to go it seems ridiculous to do so but the sad reality is that my belly has grown out of the maternity gear that has seen me through the last 8 months. Slept very badly. Lay awake worrying about being a mum and giving birth and driving a new-born around and nutrition and this awful world we are bringing a family into. I got up and watched the tennis. Thank god for the tennis.

Tuesday 3rd:Today consisted of Cooking shows, Rikki Lake, Judge Judy, Beauty and the Beast and Oprah. What day time television I missed was due to falling asleep on the couch.

Monday 2nd: Woo, now we are really getting into the foggy past. Let’s see… Miz C came out today to pick up a CD of some files for a client that I am handing on to her. We drank tea and chatted and I was so pleased to see that she is really excited about her new life as a design freelancer. She gave me copies of her business card which made me want to go and make business cards. But that can wait. A business card at the moment would have a kind of lame job title.

I honestly can’t remember what happened the weekend before that. Probably shopping for groceries, sleeping, the intention of seeing a movie but not being able to find the energy to do so… oh – Special-K came on Sunday afternoon and we sat in the back yard in the amazing Spring sunshine, nibbled on chocolate fingers and looked up at the Almond tree (I think it is an almond tree but I could be wrong) which is about to burst into incredible blossom. Good bye to winter.