Last day of work!

Last week of winter, last week of work. Today there is a last minute scramble to get things done and scrambling is getting harder the slower I get. But it’s going to feel so great to go to bed tonight after a long bath and think “no more clients for at least three months!” – actually I should point out that my clients have almost all been amazing and wonderful ever since I got into this illustration thing. Web design clients?— well…some of them are ok too…

we break up, we break up, we don't care if my computer blows up!

I am slowing down drastically… walking up hill takes me twice as long, turning over in bed requires concerted effort and attention and bending down to pick anything up off the floor is a very interesting maneuver. I too am so looking forward to getting my old body back and to wearing a normal pair of jeans and a top that floats gently down rather than stretches to the max around my amazing extremities.

The weather is slowly ticking towards spring – blossoms and blue skies, sunlight when we wake and a little more as we cook dinner. I have been looking towards this spring all year and now I can’t believe that it’s almost here. New beginnings and all that. My focus for so long has been my work – producing, improving style, networking, keeping up motivation levels and marketing. Suddenly all that is going on hold. I am quite relieved to let it all go for a while, to just relax and not feel the ongoing pressure to keep up the energy. But then I wonder how on earth I am going to manage to shut down that part of my brain. Is it going to be like when I would finish a round of exams at school and then collapse into a pile of exhaustion and have a big “what now?” slump that seemed to last the whole Summer? I am hoping that’s just a teenage kind of thing, but I fear not. Perhaps I will have a sudden flush of creative motivation egged on by the fact that none of it needs to be attached to the idea of earning money or furthering my career. I have a few ideas brewing that might one day see the light of day… perhaps when the small unborn child turns out to be a miracle sleeper. First things first; Next week I plan to make gingerbread men, and we’ll go from there.