Equipment List

While sitting up in bed sipping coffee yesterday morning I read some of a baby book (“Baby Love” – by Robin Barker) which gave me a comprehensive list of everything I will need and am yet to get in preparation for the grand arrival. I have already filled the baby’s room with boxes and bags of stuff – the pram is there, the crib is there, the baby bath, the clothes, the bunny rugs, the soft toys and so on, but there are all the little things that I would never even have thought of still left to gather. The list is seemingly endless:blunt ended nail scissors, cot sheets, waterproof cover for pram, nappy buckets, power point covers, baby soap, baby bag, cotton wool balls, mattress for crib, night light etc etc.

Hmmm, I don't seem to have enough "snappi locks"

Plus I still also need stuff for hospital and labour (pjs, snacks, heat packs, earplugs, film). I think I am in denial a little about the whole experience and delaying the big bag pack is just another way of hanging on to some idea that this is all just bloat.

While I was reading this, Big-P was sipping his coffee and reading about another adventure into the unknown in “The Dig Tree” by Sarah Murgatroyd. This is an account of the legendary Australian explorers Burke and Wills journey into the desert to find out what there was to be found in the middle of Australia. Their preparation list was also seemingly endless:
“Eight tonnes of food, six tonnes of fire wood, 200 kilograms of medications for the camels and horses and enough ammunition to win a small war… a large bathtub, an oak and cedar table with two oak stools… forty five yards of gossamer for fly veils…two sets of field glasses, two watches and only twelve water bottles”.

Hmm... we don't seem to have enough cedar tables

While I don’t think I will have as much as 20 tonnes of equipment I have a week peppered with shopping trips coming up.

Saturday night we had some folks over for dinner and Big-P impressed everyone with pizzas – the guest’s choice of toppings on top of incredibly good home made dough. There was much munching and much talk about Big-P retiring and opening a pizza restaurant.

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day on the couch feeling sluggish due to the onset of a late winter cold. This cold (and probably due to an incredibly wiggly baby) also prevented much sleep last night so I spent a couple of hours around 4am back on the couch watching Tony Robbins infomercials. At 4am Tony Robbins almost convinced me to spend five easy payments of $49.95 to get his Personal Power II tapes. But not quite. That’s some equipment I really don’t need right now, although Burke could have probably used them well.

PS. Please don’t send me any emails saying I don’t need any of this stuff – and that a baby will be fine in a bottom drawer / clothes basket wrapped up in an old towel. It’s not what I want to hear right now.