Tiny-Small is getting less tiny small

Today I had to pay the next month’s rent. That means we have been in this new house for a month… where does the time get to?
We had another crazy busy couple of days which ended with us flopping into bed on Sunday night and declaring to one another that we had a good weekend. Saturday we attended Tiny-Small’s first birthday. There were thousands of people there and a cake that looked like a train and balloons and gifts and fairy bread! Tiny-Small seemed to appreciate the cards more than the gifts themselves – I wonder how long that will last? Not only did we attend the party but I drove us there. That’s a lot of driving down unfamiliar routes and through parts of town that were chock full of traffic. On the way there I did ok – only scaring Big-P just a little bit twice. I got to the party and had to sit in a corner, exhausted, for a couple of hours. After I felt a wee bit better, we sang happy birthday and then we set off again and I discovered that driving when one is feeling tired and incredibly vague can be a dangerous thing. I scared Big-P a little bit twice and I scared both of us a large bit twice as well. I didn’t actually hit anything but I came awfully close.

yai ai ai!!

I had to keep saying in an outraged voice “How is it that people like me can get their license?!”. Big-P thinks I am being awfully hard on myself and he probably got tired of hearing me moan about being a terrible driver for the rest of the weekend, but there should be some other plate that gets put on the car after obtaining a license. When you are learning you get an L-plate which basically says “stay out of my way, I am likely to be erratic and dangerous” but then as soon as you get your license you get a p-plate which stays on your car for three years and says something like “get out of my way, I am an 18 year old male and I drive like a freaking maniac”. There should be a plate that says “I have just got my license, and that was by the skin of my teeth, so you should stay well back, and do NOT under any circumstances sit in a lane beside me because the concept of sticking to my lane is still beyond me”.

But I didn’t do too badly really. I just have a lot to keep learning.

Sunday consisted of cleaning, cooking and caulking. Big-P has filled every single tiny gap in the kitchen with poly filler in hopes of keeping the hoards of ants at bay. And he cooked bread again – this time with olives in it. It’s true love, baby.