Garden Urges

In the first couple of days after we moved into our new house there were fierce winds that whipped through our back yard, rattling gutters and tearing at trees. My poor little cumquat tree lost a lot of foliage and is looking a little sad as a result, despite its new position in the sun and being exposed to the rain as an added bonus. It might be time to give it a prune. It’s covered in a lot of dead wood from its years spent on our shady balcony and according to Burke’s Backyard, now is the time chop chop chop.

Last time we had a rental property with a garden we were going through a permaculture, veggie growing kind of phase for about half a year. Big-P made new garden beds, we planted a huge herb-spiral and composted, mulched and sowed many packets of organic seeds. Then we got really busy with work and thesis writing and life and the garden went to seed. There was little incentive to pull it back into order when we knew we were going to be leaving in the not too distant future. So this time we are being much more reserved… there is a sheltered sunny spot around near the clothes line that would be perfect for a herb bed, but then I know we may only be here for a year (unless we are lucky enough to be able to stay on longer) and we would be better off not blowing large amounts of money and time on another rental yard and put things into pots that we can take with us instead. But when the sun is shining like it is today and I can imagine how nice Spring will be and I read the plant journals over at You Grow Girl and I get that urge to plant a crop of something… anything!